Hayes Grier imagine for Isabel | Injured but loved


Hai!!! My name is isabel and can I have a hayes grier imagine were we are dating and I’m at one of his football games and he gets injured and after the game we just go to his house and cuddle and I get to comfort him to make him feel better?


I jumped up in my seat, trying to see if I could catch Hayes’s eyes. I was at one of his football games, but he had just gotten injured. His coach, a couple of team mates and the referee where all standing around him.

“Isabel, sit down.” Said Nash, pulling at my arm.

I was the only one standing up and jumping everywhere trying to see what had happened. I looked around and everyone seemed to be looking at me instead of the game. I blushed and slowly began to sit myself down.

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Can you relate?

  • You: OMG! The Magcon Boys are the best, Matthew has the hottest bootay around and...
  • Friend: who the hell are they?
  • You: you cray cray, let me show you a picture of them *you pull out you phone and show your friend a picture of the boys*
  • Friend: eww, their ugly
  • Friend: OMG! Magcon boys are so hot. Like they make me melt so bad. Oh and Nash Grier's older brother umm what's his name..oh yes! Shawn he's like so talllll!
  • You: ...
  • Friend: what?
  • You: what the... *walks away sighing heavily* tsk tsk tsk! oh and btw Nash's older brothers name is Will.
  • //like no. I hate it! It actually pisses me off when I tell someone about something I like, they tell me their not into it and the next week or so they start liking no. NO.//