awwwww sleeping Matt ☺☺☺
can he get any cuter?! omg haha

Imagine after a long day spent with the fam at Six Flags, all of you guys went back to the hotel and you and Matt ended up sharing a room. you and Matt stayed up late, watching movies, eating junk food, and just talking the night away about magcon NJ, six flags, and just about life! You two fell asleep in each other’s arms and the next morning, nash snuck into your room and filmed this vine. And nash was actually pretending to be both of you, not just Matt. 💕

ahhhh so cute!! I wouldn’t mind waking up to that cute face every day ☺


April 17… The most tragic yet confusing day in Magcon history. The Day Magcon. . Was now just a name.


1. Cam Carter Nash and Hayes were signed to 26mgmt… a management company…. by force to leave Magcon.

2. Hayes is being forced into a company that he dosent even want and he’s only 13. The kids got enough pressure already.

3. Today is the day Jack and Jack created their vine. But did anyone else care to notice that ? Nope.



One of my favorites